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Welcome to the New Year!

January 18, 2019

We’re now well and truly into the New Year and I hope any resolutions you made are still very much alive…



I’m still doing my best to eat Primally and do my morning routines, despite having a set back earlier in the week, when my first scheduled cheat turned from a weekend into a 4 day excuse; however, I didn’t let it get me down, nor did I let it totally derail my intentions – even if I wanted to give in and let it.



So what happened?

I went to my mum’s for our family “Christmas” get together with the plan in mind that I had smashed the first 10 days of January and was going to well and truly enjoy a weekend “off”, eating wheat and sugar-laden foods and having a few beers with my brother & brother-in-law. As my family and I all live in different cities and have demanding life schedules, it’s difficult to get quality time together around the proper Christmas period, so when we do manage to get a free weekend in January each year, we like to let loose! Who doesn’t, right? Anyway, due to the sheer volume of cakes and delicious food stuffs brought to the gathering by all in attendance, we ended up leaving with rather large care parcels of leftovers; not being one to waste food, I wasn’t going to let this grub go in the bin either. My wife and I therefore continued our descent into poor food choices well into this week. Oops! Still, I don’t regret it – what's a few days enjoying yourself worth beating yourself up over?



How have I manged to get back on track?

Willpower. That’s really just it.

As mentioned in previous posts, I want to get back into a place where I’m happier (I don’t think I’ll ever truly be happy as I never have been!) with my body again and the only way to achieve this is to crack on. I’ve maintained this Dadbod for too long now and the future is beckoning for a fitter, leaner, man.

So, I fasted for 23 hours on Wednesday and then had a good dinner and went to bed. Thursday was much easier to handle as I was almost fully back in the mindset. Now Friday has arrived, I am looking forward to the weekend, but I need to stay on track and avoid the beer, as planned.



How will I stay on track?

There's no guarantee that I will, but I need to harness this desire to achieve and keep it in mind. So what if I have a little blip between now and mid-Feb (my birthday planned cheat)? I’ll make sure that the next day is followed by a longer fast and an immediate return to normal eating/drinking habits, without regretting it or feeling guilty. I’ve also mentioned in previous posts abut not associating guilt with food – if you’re going to feel bad about eating/drinking something, don’t do it. It’s not worth the guilt and anxiety. Have it, enjoy it and move on. That's it...



As an addendum to the above, it really has only been 17 days but I do feel better overall – I have more energy, my mood is better and my body is starting to shed some of the fat. What more of a motivation do I really need?



I do really fancy a nice, cold pint though…


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January 18, 2019

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