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I Quit The Gym (New Years Resolution)...

January 2, 2019

Despite knowing in advance that all ideas about training, eating well and abstaining from booze during the week would go completely out the window over the Christmas break, I took the opportunity to quit the gym as my New Year's Resolution...



Most people (and by most people, I really mean most people) will have some sort of fantasy that this next year will be their year and they will have the body of their dreams; so when January comes around, the new diet and training schedule commences, along with the customary quitting of various vices which don’t go hand-in-hand with the “new year, new me” attitude. However, most people won’t last longer than February and by the time April comes around, the fantasy is long forgotten and the bad habits have slowly slipped back in, with the gym gear now gathering dust at the back of the drawers or wardrobe again…



Why does this happen? Well, first of all there is no “new year, new you”; there's definitely a new year, but is there really a new you? No. There's the same old you, trying something else or rekindling a previous desire to just be better – whether that’s your behaviour, the way you look, the way you feel, etc. We place a hell of a lot of pressure on ourselves to do this and by starting several new things and giving up several others at the same time, we are setting massively unrealistic and often unachievable goals, especially as parents to young children!



What can we do then? Start with your diet. That is the number one thing that you can change with ease and actually stick to if you want to. I’m not talking about starting some random starvation-inducing sensational diet that really will only last a few weeks, mainly due to the misery of eating 3 pieces of cardboard and a soya bean a day, but actually cleaning up your diet. Your diet is how you eat. That’s it. If you eat shit food everyday then you’re on The Shit Food Diet, if you eat vegetarian then you're on The Vegetarian Diet, etc. Just clean it up; remove the bulk of the sugars, processed food, soy (especially if you're male!), etc., and that alone will make a huuuuge difference! By all means start exercising and being more active, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself and you’ll be less likely to quit in a month or 2…



How have I removed my pressures? I've quit the gym. This is something that I never, ever thought I’d do, but why should I be paying for a membership to somewhere I very rarely go to nowadays? That’s my cash and it should be in my bank account, not theirs. I’ve outlined in a previous post about not having the time to go to the gym, but that has been my choice to not make that time, as I want to spend it with my son. It doesn’t mean I’ve quit exercising altogether, but it does mean I'm having to be more creative about how I do train and where I get that time from… 

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm also keen to see where I can take my body fitness-wise by only using bodyweight exercises or minimal equipment (I own a few kettlebells). I hope to be able to showcase that we don't always need a gym to get into better shape - nor do we need hours and hours a week, especially when we don't always have that time to spare!



I have also cleaned up my diet properly this time. I've thoroughly enjoyed Christmas with the lack of worrying about not exercising and what foods or the quantity of alcohol I’m consuming; it’s been great! But, I do want to see 2019 as the year I get ripped again – I miss having a decent body and I miss the energy and positive feelings I had when I was fully immersed in being Primal (that’s my diet!), so I've gone back to it starting from today. No more wheat/gluten/grains, processed food, sugars, poisons (fake sugar, etc.), just good ol' fashioned, quality whole foods and maybe a little wine on the weekend. Having said that, I am still human (mostly) and have a couple of scheduled cheat meals/days built into the next few months, which I will look forward to taking advantage of wholeheartedly! My approach is “new year, improved me” and that’s it.



p.s. I took some photos this morning as evidence and believe me, Peter Glovecandle is well and truly back in business! Ha.



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