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The Little Man and his Daddow...

September 16, 2018

I know I haven’t posted in a while and I have no excuse other than I have thoroughly been enjoying being a stay at home dad, spending quality time with my little man and seeing some major milestones happening...


Recently, the little bugger has decided to start walking! He’s been of the mind that he can walk for quite a while, but within the last few weeks he’s really actually started to walk - at 10 months old! He kind of skipped the whole crawling stage (apparently I did too as a baby) and gone straight to upright and off(!); however, within a week of his first proper steps, he’d mastered crawling as well, only to be using this method of movement as a means to get to something which he can pull himself up on. Ha. Honestly, this kid never ceases to amaze me! 


The downside to him walking? I’ve become a daddow. What is a daddow you ask? Well, allow me to explain; its a dad-shaped shadow. Kind of like a real shaddow, only instead of it belonging to you, it belongs to this small creature and follows it around, essentially trying to ensure that it doesn’t smash it’s head on everything as it stumbles around your house with infinite abandon. I’ve seriously never - until recently - realised how many sharp corners and potential danger zones exist in my living room alone! I’m walking around after Finn like some kind of silent ape, stooped over, arms outstretched, hawkeye engaged and ready to prevent any major falls, trips, bumps, thumps and smashes. Finn’s lucky I have good reflexes though - he’s a bloody maniac!


I am so proud of him and although he requires 100% attention 100% of the time and he’s knackered my back again, I wouldn’t change this time for the world. I guess I’m enjoying being a daddow after all... 






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