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Shared Parental Leave for dudes...

July 11, 2018

This week marks the official first week of my SPL; I’m taking 11 weeks out from work to be a full time dad and use the last (unpaid) part of the 38 weeks leave available to working families...

So far this week has been good, not necessarily too hard but still a tough job, despite my wife having not yet returned to work.


What I’m hoping to achieve from this leave is not only a better bond with my little man, but also a better understanding of what it’s actually like to “manage a baby” full time and really experience proper parenthood. 


As I’ve mentioned in another post, when you’re a working parent and your other half is on maternity leave, you’re never fully off; you spend time in shitty traffic with a bunch of nobheads who can’t drive, then while away the time in an office filled with people you don’t really know, working a job you’re not that bothered about, only to then spend another chunk of time with the traffic nobheads again and then getting home only to have to manage a baby, who’s coming to the end of his day and isn’t in that great of a mood - brill! Yes, I look forward to seeing the little bugger, but it’s not the best or most quality of time with him. You then have dinner, bath, bedtime and then managing any potential (or actual) disturbances in the night - like I said, never truly off; on” at work, “on” at home...


I really want to appreciate what it’s actually like for a mother (or father) to spend all day, every day with a baby; however, it’ll be nice for my wife to understand that even though I may be out the house all day, I still miss my family and the time away isn’t “me” time. It’s “I fucking hate breathing the same air as these fuckwits time”...


Anyway, 3 days in and I already know how hard it is spending all your time with the baby. Massively rewarding, but incredibly taxing. More details to follow...

















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