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New Parents Should Understand that Everything is Normal for a newborn...

February 13, 2018

What I've learned as a new parent is that when it comes to your baby, everything is normal for a newborn. 


In a nutshell, I mean that when you become a parent for the first time, you will worry about everything when it comes to the health of your new arrival. Not only that, but you will worry about all the things they do (or don't do); whether that is body movements, making sounds, passing wind, not passing wind, making stool (I love that saying!), crying, not crying, the list goes on...


As a new parent, when you first feel that "something isn't right" you will more than likely frantically scour the internet (as you would when you think you're getting sick and then end up finding out that according to your latest list of symptoms, you have a very rare form of cancer and/or your dying, like imminently), looking for others who are going through - or have recently experienced - the same thing with their newborns and are desperately seeking solace in that fact. This is normal.

You may also be on the phone to 111 a lot, or even the out-of-hours midwife line, trying to seek real-time medical advice about what is wrong with your baby. I know we called the out-of-hours line enough times in the first few weeks, so much so that we worried they'd think something had happened to us if we didn't make that nightly call! 

Anyway, once you do find that coveted piece of information, or receive some form of medical expert opinion, guess what? You're probably going to find out that everything is normal for a newborn..


My baby is crying all the time and has turned beetroot red, what is wrong with it? This is normal for a newborn.


My baby keeps crying like it's hungry, even though I've just fed them! This is normal for a newborn.


My baby hasn't had a poo in 4 days / my baby has had 5 poos today! This is normal for a newborn.


My baby sleeps a lot / my baby won't sleep. This is normal for a newborn.


My baby's head has fallen off and they're still red and crying. This is normal for a newborn... (obviously a joke here).


Do you see the pattern emerging? Apparently everything is normal for a newborn! I hope that this post will help you understand and be safe in the knowledge that even though your baby has probably scarfed down a crap-load of food and binned it all over your nice carpets, then is crying because they're hungry again, that this is normal for a newborn. They do the most unexpected stuff and we react to it as all new parents do - with uncontrollable anxiety!


So, please take what I've said with a bit of humour and just know that pretty much whatever is "wrong" with your baby, will more than likely be greeted with the above words and you may just need to get used to hearing it. 


However, if there really is something not right with your baby, please do get them checked out by a professional. Even if you only need to hear "this is normal for a newborn". We just want our babies to be happy, healthy and safe.






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