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How the Baby Stole Christmas

January 1, 2018

I've always been a pretty festive fellow who gets very excited about Christmas; I absolutely love this time of year, almost in a Buddy the Elf-type fashion! However, this year things were a little somewhat different...


Having a very young baby at this time of year changes everything. You simply just don’t get the time to do anything you’ve planned, so as someone who has their Christmas traditions pretty much set in stone, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t execute them in the typical ways I’ve become accustomed to.


Christmas Day in my household usually consists of wake up (not too early, but not too late either), go downstairs and see if “he’s been!” and then rally the troops for some hardcore present opening from the stockings. This is closely followed by Bucks Fizz (more fizz than bucks nowadays) and smoked salmon on bread - lots of it, I might add! We then all get cracking on the rest of the family non-stocking presents, with lots of photos and silly hat wearing in-between. Usually after this we’ll get showered and dressed, keep on drinking, maybe eat a few Christmas chocolates (it’s gotta be done!) and try to offer my step-Dad (or mother-in-law, depending on who’s house we’re at) some help in the kitchen, only to be turned (thankfully!) away... 

Christmas Dinner is always a laugh - with so much food that we rarely want dessert - and the drinks continue to flow, until we’re all ready to reconvene in the living room where we’ll play the obligatory party games, etc., etc. Turkey and stuffing sandwiches a bit later on and then off to bed with a belly bigger than Santa’s! All in all, quite often a very excellent day. 


As this year we decided to spend it just the 3 of us, as Finn was 1 day off being 2 months old, I obviously didn’t expect to be able to have exactly the same typical format, but I was hoping to try and emulate something similar. Well, that didn’t happen. Not even close. 


We spent the entire day managing a grouchy baby. He wouldn’t eat properly, he didn’t want to sleep either (despite being tired) and as a result of both of those factors he was a massive whinge. I love the boy to bits, but Christmas Day he was a huuuuge pain in the ass! We did manage to open presents eventually, but this was on a take-it-in-turns basis over the course of the whole morning, whilst trying to get a bit of food into ourselves and then eventually managing showers and getting dressed. We did fortunately have some well-needed Buck’s Fizz! 

After an incredibly long and tiring day, Kat and I managed to get Finn to settle down for bed at 7:30pm and then had Christmas dinner around 8:30ish, which to be honest, didn’t really enjoy that much as it was too chore-like. Sadly.


In all honesty, I didn’t expect Christmas to be exactly like usual and I also didn’t imagine that it would be like any other Christmas I’d previously had; however, I really didn’t expect it to be like every other regular day with a baby and quite so tiring. It’s almost like Finn knew what day it was and set out to ensure it really didn’t feel magical at all (I know that’s horseshit, but that’s what it feels like). 


I know next year will be totally different as he’ll be a year and 2 months old by then, but still, having high expectations for one of my favourite days of the year and them be stolen by a tiny, little hairless Grinch, really does dampen the spirits. 


Speaking of spirits, where’s the Scotch...


Here’s Finn enjoying Christmas:


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