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I’m in the pub again...

December 17, 2017

I know it’s a bit of a bad attitude, but I like to think of December as an “off month”; we’re so close to Christmas and all the necessary festivities with friends and family, etc. and there’s so many new food and drink ideas in all the shops, that it can be quite tempting to just dive right in. And I do...


I workout a few times a week and generally follow a pretty normal diet for most of the year, and as I’m a huuuuge creature of habit, I tend to stay pretty lean as a result. Don’t get me wrong, it does take effort to be mindful of what I eat, but it’s not like I don’t eat pizza on a weekend or anything or just eat chicken and broccoli for every meal; I mean come on! I still enjoy life. I am human.

Anyway, I’ve worked “hard” all year and now I deserve a month off. A month of over-indulgence and zero guilt. I’ve always been of the mindset that you should never eat or drink anything you’re going to regret afterwards; life is for living, food is for eating and drink is for drinking - if you’re going to do something then you best damn-well enjoy it! Why feel like shit about consuming something afterwards???


Since becoming a dad, my diet and training have both slipped a bit - understandable - and I find myself eating more processed food and drinking a bit more beer than usual; however, my attitude to December remains the same. This is my month to enjoy myself and not feel guilty about what’s going into my body. I’ve got January to worry about having a bit of wobble on my belly and massive love handles... and as you all know a bit more about me by now, you know damn well I will worry about being Peter Glovecandle and his massive... 


To be honest, I’m actually very much looking forward to being Primal again. Primal is kind of like a less-restrictive version of Paleo; plenty of meat, fish, veggies and whole foods, but zero grains, poisons, processed foods and sugars. It does sound restrictive but really it’s not. Basing our food intake around the Primal Principals, my wife and I have never felt better, looked better and not had to count calories doing so (check out The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson - it’ll change your life!).

On the 2nd of Jan I become Primal again (the first of Jan is always a good day to get shit out of your system) and I can’t wait! There will definitely be no Dadbod for me in 2018 and also, now I’ve got a son, there’s no way he’s growing up to have poor body image... 


In closing, I am down the pub and I’m having a nice pint with my new drinking buddy, whilst also giving the missus a well-earned break from both me and the baby! I’m gonna enjoy this pint whilst my new-found companion sleeps of his milk-drunkenness...




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