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“Terry” and the Induction Suite

October 24, 2017

From my experience as a human being and noticing stuff over the years, it’s apparent that most expectant couples will name their unborn child something that obviously isn’t going to be their real name once welcomed into this world... A fetus name if you will; something cutesy to refer to when you’re talking with friends, family, random strangers who think it’s their business to ask, etc., something like “bump” or “peanut” or “bean” for example. You know, normal stuff. We called ours Terry. Yes, that’s right, Terry; as in short for Terrence or long for Tez.


Why “Terry” then? Well, to tell you a little story, it all stems back to an ex-colleague of mine from Dubai; we’ll call him JT. He was a pretty funny guy, very tall, liked his fitness (when it suited him) and just generally a good character to have in your office - rarely ever in a bad mood and someone you knew could make you laugh if it was needed, or even if not. 

Everyone loves to overindulge at Christmas, and being in Dubai you either flew home and spent time with the family, eating and drinking everything in sight, or you stayed in Dubz and went to a brunch and ate and drank everything in sight. Chances are, after a good Christmas break you will have put on a few pounds and be carrying a little “holiday weight” a la Ross from Friends.

JT would come back and be like “I’m not going to the beach for a few weeks as I’ve put on a bit of Terry”, referring to his belly. We were always a bit confused as to what he meant by “Terry”, but never really questioned it as it was just an amusing term. Upon questioning him, he simply said “a bit of Terry, as in Waite. Terry Waite. Waite, weight!” We thought this was great and often started referring to this ourselves after future food and drink binges...

Anyway, long-story-cut-short, when we first found out we were expecting and Kat naturally started to get a small bump, she joked that people wouldn’t know she was actually preganant and that she was just getting fat! Obviously she looked like she’d just put on a “bit of Terry” and voila! the name stuck.... Needless to say, his name won’t be Terry once he’s born.


Right now we’re in the Induction Suite at the hospital. Even Though Kat’s in good shape, healthy, etc. and the pregnancy is going well (healthy Tezmeister as well), we’re now 9 days overdue and getting impatient - we just want to meet the little dude and get on with things! - so we’ve opted for induction to hopefully speed things along. We need to wait now and let the midwives do their thing and sadly Kat will have to be kept in overnight, but if all goes well, I’ll be a Dad by Thursday at the latest! 

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