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The Curious Case of The Late Baby...

October 19, 2017

Lo and behold, "Terry" isn't here yet! We were expecting our little bundle of mayhem (hopefully not) to arrive on Sunday just gone (15th Oct) and 4 days later the little bugger is still not showing signs of arrival...

I always joked at the start of the pregnancy - and not that it went down too well - that he'd take after his mum and be late. I haven't said anything similar since...


Yeah, yeah, we know that 90% of first babies arrive within 2 weeks either side of the due date and that only 60% arrive within a week either side, so why are we surprised? We're not, to be honest, but it would've been nice to welcome the little man into the world and start getting on with it. After all, I'm still in denial that's it's even happening and part of me is happy that he's still in there - if he's out here that makes it real and I'm then responsible for something (someone, I'm told) that I have no idea how to look after!


My wife is smashing pineapple like there's no tomorrow, even if we know that it doesn't even have that much of an effect, whilst making sure that most of the food we eat is also spicy, even though we know that that doesn't have much of an effect either! Oh well, we can only keep trying the natural remedies until such time as he sees fit to grace us with his presence.


Come on mate, I not only want to meet you, but I'd really really really like a more than one beer!


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