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NCT Classes - are they worth it?

September 26, 2017

The last couple of Saturdays have been spent at NCT classes. Granted, it's not my usual choice of things to do on a Saturday (it's often a lie-in/eat cheat food/chill/get a bit drunk day in my house) but it was recommended by my wife as we're both first-time parents and the info is supposed to be helpful. It's also supposed to be a place where you can make new like-minded friends...


Being a typical introvert with a predisposition to hating spending time with most other humans, naturally I wasn't exactly thrilled to be spending my Saturdays with a group of random strangers talking about baby shit. However, I actually really found it useful! 


It is profoundly reassuring to spend time around other people who are in exactly the same situation and have the same (irrational) fears as you. I was honestly surprised to find that it's not only the soon-to-be dads that are frightened of breaking the baby, completely clueless about everything and are essentially absolutely "cacking it"; it's the new mums too! Us blokes wrongly assume that our significant others are breezing through their pregnancies, carrying our unborn offspring along and merrily getting ready to by a mother. Well lads, you heard it here first - they're not. They are shitting themselves about parenthood just as much as we are. I bet that thought alone makes you feel a little better, right? Good. It should.


Seriously though, if you have a bit of extra cash (quite a bit I am advised!) and want to feel in a bit more of a positive frame of mind, then do consider local NCT classes near you. I did learn a lot about what to expect, how to expect it and ultimately why not to panic! I also made a few new dad friends, who I hope to have a few beers with... when we're all drinking again! 




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