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A journey into fatherhood, one ab muscle at a time...

Welcome to DADBOarD, thanks for stopping by!

This is my blog, aimed at all you dads out there - whatever stage of parenting you're at - who, like the rest of us, probably struggle to balance normal life and looking/feeling good.

I’m here to share with you my journey from a soon-to-be dad to a fully-fledged father, all the while trying to keep fit and not get that so-feared DadBod! I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and I'm here conducting my own experiment to show you that we can stay (or even get) fit, feel great and not bust a gut doing it, all whilst enjoying life and starting/having a family!

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences...


January 18, 2019

We’re now well and truly into the New Year and I hope any resolutions you made are still very much alive…

I’m still doing my best to eat Primally and do my morning routines, despite having a set back earlier in the week, when my first scheduled cheat turned from a weeke...

December 4, 2018

Last month I shared with you my thoughts on accountability and how each one of us is responsible for our actions and making things happen – especially when it comes to what we do with our time and how this can either positively or negatively affect our physical (and me...

November 5, 2018

Once again I find myself needing to pull my finger out of my ass and get on with writing a very long-overdue blog post…

Ok, so this one isn’t going to be about my experiences on Shared Parental Leave, as that’s going to be a bit more in-depth and probably require a lot...

May 12, 2018

So, my "experiment" failed abysmally. 

It all started with good intentions and lasted approximately a week. Not directly through any fault of my own, but as a result of tearing a muscle in my back! 

I know I've complained (numerous times) on here about having a bad back,...

March 5, 2018

Being a fitness enthusiast, I not only want to look decent (in and out of clothes) but also feel good too. Why put so much effort into getting into "shape" only to feel crappy, tired, bored with food, etc.? It doesn't make any sense to me. Neither does Food Guilt; why...

September 11, 2017

I hurt my back. Again. The last thing I want to be is a young dad with a bad back! 

As you all know, this is a very common injury and can happen to anyone, at any time and for whatever stupid reason it decides to. We use our backs all day, every day and due to the...

August 29, 2017

Firstly, welcome to my blog and thanks for reading my random collection of thoughts, posts, etc.

This is my first time blogging and also my first time becoming a dad - very exciting but very nerve-wracking at the same time! 

I've created this space to share with you my j...

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January 18, 2019

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