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Nov 8, 2017

Anyone else’s baby ridiculously hungry?


My wife and I have a 12 day old boy and he will literally not stop feeding!


We know that clusterfeeds tend to happen in the evening/at night for breastfed babies, as this is their way of stimilulating mum’s supply for future feeds; but our boy is being fed both from the breast and from a bottle with top-ups at the end of each feed.

He lost a fair bit of weight in the first week of life as he had been born with a tongue-tie and this affected his feeding. We wanted him to be breastfed, but didn’t realise he wasn’t getting enough milk in. This led the community midwives to recommend the top-up bottle of formula and since then he’s done really well!


Our major issue is that he’ll feed from one breast for approx 40 minutes, switch to the other for 30 or so minutes and then have a formula top-up of 60ml (2oz), which should more than fill any normal baby; it doesn’t ours! He’ll start to fall asleep at the end of the bottle and then bang! wide awake again and asking for even more food - every night!


Anyone else experienced this?